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About Recommended System Requirements

What are the the recommended system requirements for PC?

Recommended System Requirements

  • OS
    • Windows: Windows7 or later
    • Mac: Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • CPU and RAM
    • Recommended Specs of the OS you use
  • Browsers
    • Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge
  • Plug-in
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Additional Information
    • Please activate JavaScript and Cookies.
      * If you don’t activate them, you might not be able to use our service.
    • We recommend trying to play videos from the free trial course before your purchase.
      * Those videos become available after the free membership sign-up.
    • The recommended system requirements above might be susceptible to change.
What are the the recommended system requirements for smartphone and tablet?
  • iPhone/iPad (iOS): the latest version available for your device
  • Android 4.3 or later
  • Please use high speed internet connection. You might experience difficulties watching videos with a low speed connection.

* Updating to the latest version of your OS will make the content of our site more stable.

* Even when meeting the recommended requirements, the videos will sometimes load slowly while you’re running other downloads or applications.

* The connection speed highly depends on the specs of the device. The videos might load slowly because of insufficient RAM in your device.


MANABI JOURNEY is an online (e-learning) school where people can study from anywhere in the world.
Like us, there are other e-learning sites, but we don't offer only a “series of tutorial videos”, but instead focus on an educational service. With us, you can learn all the required skills to grow steadily with people who want to study.
Please check the "about MANABI JOURNEY" page for details.
Please check the “User Guide” page for details.
We believe that lessons that are “Smart, Simple and Efficient” are highly important points of productive study.

About Sign-up and Log-in

How much is the membership sign-up fee?
It is free of charge.
How do I sign-up?
MANABI JOURNEY has two ways of signing up, with your social media account and with your email address.
When using the social media account option, just click your preferred social media icon (Twitter or Facebook) to connect your account automatically.
If you confirm the connection in the social media site, the sign-up will be complete.
When signing up with an email address, after you fill in all the fields, the sign-up process will be completed.
What information is required for signing up?
The required fields are “real name”, “country of residence”, “email address” and “password”.
Although a “Nickname” is optional, it will be displayed in the Community. If you do not set your “Nickname”, your real name will be displayed. (You can set and change your "Nickname" after the membership sign-up.)
If you sign-up with a social media account, please fill in this information in “My Account” page after signing up.
Although I signed up with an email address, can I log in with my social media account?
Of course, you can.
We need to make a connection between your email and social media account, so please connect them in “My Account” page after logging in with your social media account.
After that, you can log-in with both your social media account and email address.
If you registered your social media accounts with the same email address as MANABI JOURNEY, you can log-in with any of the social accounts available (Twitter or Facebook).
How do I reset my password?
Open the user menu in the top right of the site and click on “My Account”. Update your password and click save.
After changing your password, check your inbox for our confirmation email.
I did not receive a confirmation email.
Please make sure you entered your email correctly or that the confirmation email didn’t end up in your spam folder.
I forgot the email address I used to sign-up.
Please contact us using the Inquiry form.
We will ask some questions like your name, which courses you took, etc. After confirming your identity, we will send an email to the address you used to sign up.
Please make sure our email doesn’t end up in your spam folder.
I forgot my password.
Click “Forgot your password?” in the log-in screen and enter the email address you used to sign-up.
We will email you instructions on how to reset your password.
You can open your account page using the URL in the email and reset your password from there.
If I signed up with my social media account, can I change my email address?
MANABI JOURNEY keeps your social media account information and email address stored with your internal account ID.
Even if you change your email address, you can log-in with both your social media account and email address because we remember your social media account connection.
Why should I provide my "Shipping Address"?
This information is required to purchase manga drawing tools, so you don’t necessarily need to fill it in.
Unfortunately, we only ship manga drawing tools within Japan, we apologize for that inconvenience.
How can I delete my MANABI JOURNEY account?
If you have not logged in for 90 days, your account is automatically terminated.
If you would like to delete your account immediately, please let us know using the Inquiry page.

About Payment

How much does the course cost?
MANABI JOURNEY’s courses have different fees. Prices vary depending on the course.
Please check the course fee in each course webpage.
All of our courses have sample videos and a free trial version.
I would like to try the course for free…
All of the MANABI JOURNEY courses offer a free trial version with sample videos.
We invite you to take the free trial course and checked its contents.
How can I pay?
Available payment methods are credit card and PayPal.
You can start your course immediately after making the payment.
Could you issue receipts?
Of course, we can.
Please request a receipt from the Inquiry page.
Can I register my credit card information?
Yes, you can.
When you purchase a course, choose “Yes” at “Remember this card” in the Checkout screen.
We bring to your attention that you can’t delete your card information after registering it.
I want to know more about your credit card security.
Our site encrypts your highly confidential information (credit card, personal, etc.) using SSL.
Your credit card information isn’t stored in our databases, instead it’s safely encrypted by PAYGENT.
What is PayPal?
PayPal is an online payment service.
Please check the Paypal website for details.

About Courses (Learning Management System, hereinafter called “LMS”)

Could my comments in the Community be automatically shared with other social media like Twitter, Facebook and so on?
Our Community in LMS is focused on members communication. Only members can access the Community, therefore, you can not share posts in any social media.
When I post in the Community, my real name is displayed…
Please set your nickname in “My Account” screen.
After saving, your nickname will be displayed instead of your name.
Can I download the lesson videos?
Please understand that our videos can’t be downloaded because of the copyright management.
Can I download the lesson attachments like PDF, Word document, etc.?
Yes, you can freely download the documents provided for each lesson, except the videos.
Do you have a deadline for each course?
Yes, we have set a deadline for each course.
The deadline will be 60 days from the last day of standard study period (Approximately 2 months later). Standard study period is listed on the introductory page of each course.
Why has MANABI JOURNEY adopted the “Nickname” system?
MANABI JOURNEY is an online (e-learning) school where people can study from anywhere in the world.
Some members might want to secure their privacy.
That’s why we think that the "Nickname" system is the best choice for MANABI JOURNEY. Using both real names and nicknames have their pros and cons, so you can pick yourself which one you want to use.
The comments in MANABI JOURNEY’s Community are constantly moderated. We will delete any comments containing fowl language, racial, religious, political and any other discrimination or hate speech. If you have any problems, please contact us using the Inquiry page.
Can I ask questions to the lectors?
We apologize for the inconvenience, but the direct communication between lectors and members is prohibited because of members equitability.
If you have any questions, please post them in the Community.
The lectors or tutors will answer it.
Can I only ask questions in Japanese or English?
For now, MANABI JOURNEY only operates in Japanese and English, so please leave your comments in those languages.
We plan to add support of other languages at a later date.

If you still have questions, please ask using the Inquiry page.