Notice || Illustration Making Course Additional Lessons (Mizuki-sensei)

by 貝沼 祥樹

We have added 30 lessons of "Background Lesson" by Mizuki-sensei. July, 10, 2019.

01. Helpful shortcut & modifier keys
02. What is the Grisaille method of painting?
03. The benefit of using the perspective ruler
04. Creating a perspective ruler
05. The purpose of doing the line drawing
06. Tips of drawing perspective
07. How to draw guidelines
08. The standard of using perspective or not
09. How to draw the grid pattern
10. How to apply further shading on the background
11. How to draw parts that aren’t really visible
12. When drawing a 3D shape
13. When working on areas with bright colors that are hard to see
14. How to check that you haven’t missed any spots
15. Tips of drawing a distant view
16. Where you should focus your efforts
17. Decreasing “solid color” feel
18. Adding some texture to the solidly-colored stone wall
19. Various way of adding shadows
20. How to draw street lamps & stone walls
21. Draw Japanese roof tiles
22. How to adjust the coloring (difference between color layer and gray base)
23. How to unify the color
24, 25. How to make it stand out, Aerial perspective
26. How to draw leaves
27. Making overall adjustments
28. Adjustment of far
29. Create a gradient map
30. The merits of the Grisaille method of painting