Notice || Illustration Making Course Additional Lessons (Takeo-Himekawa-sensei)

by 貝沼 祥樹

We have added 35 lessons of "A Kimono-clad girl and cherry blossoms at night" by Takeo-Himekawa-sensei. July, 2, 2019.

01. A more balanced illustration
02. Draw boldly
03. When you draw an accent to the illustration
04. Easily give the objects perspective
05. How to show the moonlight
06. Layered colors
07. Shadow color
08. Drawing eyes
09. Drawing hair
10. Creases of the ribbon
11. Draw the creases in hand
12. Character design while considering the layout
13. How to adjust perspective
14. Perspective layer
15. Fill in the different areas by color
16. How to color eyes
17. Effective coloring animation
18. Draw shadows on her accessories
19. Adding silvers of light Shadow on her hair
20. Coloring the shadows of kimono
21. Adding highlights to hair
22. Paint the character
23. Good design in anime painted
24. Coloring when using digital tools
25. Perspective ruler for shadows
26. How to use brushes
27. Paint cherry blossoms near
28. Paint cherry blossoms back
29. Tips of drawing backgrounds
30. Effective highlights
31. Drawing the tree trunk
32. How to choose the brushes
33. Background Ground & Sky
34. Finishing touches Character
35. Finishing touches Background