Notice || Illustration Making Course Additional Lessons (Yurita-Kurashima-sensei)

by 貝沼 祥樹

We have added 16 lessons of "Shonen-ai" by Yurita-Kurashima-sensei. July, 2, 2019.

01. Attitude when drawing a rough draft
02. Tips of the inking
03. When do you draw eyes
04. The way not to miss any spots
05. Tips of coloring
06. Add a watery effect to the eyes
07. How to give the skin a 3D effect
08. How to add shadows to the skin
09. Tips of painting the hair
10. How to do the hair highlights
11. The texture of the clothing
12. How to make shadows look 3D
13. How to color shadows finishing touches
14. Clothing makes it appear lighter
15. Easy effect looks bright and pretty
16. Points of BL illustration