Manga Drawing / Digital Illustration

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We will stop accepting applications for this course on August 22, 2019. But you can continuously purchase the courses at Udemy.

Manga Drawing / Digital Illustration (KUROHUZI NEKOTARO ed.) Learn Professional Drawing Techniques by Watching Experts Draw from a Sketch to the Finishing Touch
VIDEOS : 41 lessons
TOTAL : 10h25m
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* This video is edited fast forward because of a sample. You can watch all the videos at normal speed (changeable) in paid course.


This course is the captured video that a professional illustrator, Kurohuzi Nekotaro drew it by Adobe Photoshop.
It is also included the whole process that the illustrator draws, redraws, thinks, and so on.

You can check not only the whole process (from drafting to finishing touches) of a professional illustration, but also the details of quality improvement like work method, how to use tools and functions, etc. that you would have hardly watched.
When there are important points, the captions are explained appropriately.
Let's check the professional techniques again and again to improve your techniques!

* Reference (Click for large image)

  • You can learn this illustrator's focus points and ingenious ways by watching his real process (drafting, line drawing, coloring and finishing touches).
  • You can feel lots of redrawing and correcting works to improve his illustration, not just complete it.
  • You can refer to how to use the software concretely like pen tools, layers, functions, and so on.


The theme of illustration is "Momotaro" of Japanese old tale.
Every Japanese have known this story that Momotaro born from a big peach, go with a dog, a monkey and a pheasant, and beat the devils in Onigashima island.

If you draw, what kind of "Momotaro"'s illustration do you do?
What kind of Momotaro do you want to watch? read?

Kurohuzi Nekotaro-sensei drew his original "Momotaro" by adding his touch like location, personality, etc.
Please feel his "Momotaro" world.

* about this video course
This course is not included technical explanations about how to use software.
And there is no audio description because you can concentrate on the professional techniques in the screen.
But there is appropriately the explanation by caption when it comes important points.


  • Persons who would like to improve their illustration skills more
  • Persons who would like to watch the professional works of illustration (working hours, tools, etc.)
  • Persons who don't need the explanation of how to use software or want to submit the tasks
  • Persons who have used Raster graphics editor like Adobe Photoshop
    * There is no explanation about how to use software.


  • Painting software (Raster graphic editor)
    * In this course, the teacher use Adobe Photoshop. It is no problem to use the similar painting software.
    * You need your experiences to draw your illustration by using raster graphic editor because there is no explanation about how to use software.


Drafting VIDEO : 2
Drafting 01 Main Character 1st 15m01s
Drafting 02 Main Character 2nd 09m00s
Line Drawing VIDEO : 19
Line Drawing 01 Face 14m01s
Line Drawing 02 Hair 11m51s
Line Drawing 03 Neck and Upper Body 18m58s
Line Drawing 04 Arms 17m35s
Line Drawing 05 Jewelry and hands 14m19s
Line Drawing 06 Correction of Face and Hair 17m31s
Line Drawing 07 Gun 12m18s
Line Drawing 08 Expression and Items 17m10s
Line Drawing 09 Background 13m40s
Line Drawing 10 Face, especially Expression 09m32s
Line Drawing 11 Background (Tiles) 12m46s
Line Drawing 12 Tiles 11m02s
Line Drawing 13 Background (Electric Fan) 11m05s
Line Drawing 14 Change of Background (Drafting) 09m33s
Line Drawing 15 Line Drawing of New Background 27m35s
Line Drawing 16 Background (Electric Fan) 13m21s
Line Drawing 17 Background (Vacuum Cleaner and Tiles) 12m30s
Line Drawing 18 Background (Perspective) 12m45s
Line Drawing 19 Finishing Touches 17m05s
Coloring VIDEO : 16
Coloring 01 Drafting of Coloring 11m21s
Coloring 02 Character in Each Part 18m04s
Coloring 03 Texture and Shade 21m53s
Coloring 04 Outline, Shine and Shade 19m13s
Coloring 05 Shade, Texture and Depth of Color 21m52s
Coloring 06 Outline except for Face 20m16s
Coloring 07 Character 16m00s
Coloring 08 Pursuit of Character 18m13s
Coloring 09 Jewelry and Hands 17m49s
Coloring 10 Background 11m27s
Coloring 11 Blot of Background 15m28s
Coloring 12 Background in Detail 1st 17m49s
Coloring 13 Background in Detail 2nd 14m51s
Coloring 14 Background in Detail 3rd 14m15s
Coloring 15 Background (around the Face) 20m22s
Coloring 16 Finishing Touches 13m54s
Finishing Touches VIDEO : 4
Finishing Touches 01 Pursuit of Quality 16m10s
Finishing Touches 02 Design of T-shirt (Monkey, Pheasant and Dog) 10m17s
Finishing Touches 03 Continuation of T-shirt Design 17m50s
Finishing Touches 04 Final 08m48s



  • Standard Study Period : 2 months
    * The deadline will be 60 days from the last day of standard study period.


  • Nothing
    * Certificate of completion will not be issued.


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黒藤 猫太郎 / Nekotaro Kurohuzi

  • Debut in Small S vol.43 *Small S is one ofe the most famous illustration magazine in Japan.
  • After that, Navigator of Small S's men's corner

Representative Works