Manga Drawing Comprehensive Course  

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Turn your imagination into manga!

A comprehensive online course
including feedback from the pros, individual instruction and support.

“I can draw illustrations, but how do you draw manga?”

“I want to learn how to draw manga...! But there aren’t any schools near me.”

If you’ve got questions or problems like this, then this is the course for you. Available anytime, anywhere, your smartphone or computer is your classroom.
We hope that this course will be an amazing experience for you.

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Lessons Are From An Established School, So You Don’t Have To Worry!

Full-scale lessons from a school that has produced over 100 professional manga artists

Receive video versions of lessons from Japan Animation & Manga College (JAM). We provide all kinds of classes that many professional manga artists took themselves. Get practical tips and insight into working as a manga artist that you can’t get through self-study.

It’s easy for anyone to learn!!!!

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The aim of our courses is to help anyone and everyone learn how to draw manga. We offer courses from the reasonable price of $49.9/month (corrections not included). You can start studying manga in earnest.


Corrections and guidance from professional instructors to help you level up

We’ve created practical assignments to make sure your skills improve. Our professional instructors correct your work and give you advice. By 1) watching the videos, 2) drawing something yourself, and 3) getting corrections and guidance from professionals, your manga-creation skills will no doubt flourish.


lesson1 Introduction

Instructor Naoki Kodama welcomes you to the course.
Have fun with your studies!

Foreword Before Starting the Course 2:51
Manga 15 lessons 5 tasks

Aim: Make a 16-page manga manuscript

Learn the basics of making manga, such as panel layout and composition.

Manga Basic 16 videos 5 tasks
Getting Started Course Introduction 7:05
Tutorial 1 Manga Page Analysis 11:10
Tutorial 2 Roles and Types of Panels 10:19
Tutorial 3 Panel Layout Practice 1 8:52
Tutorial 4 Panel Layout Practice 2
Task 1
Tutorial 5 Panel Layout Summary 9:16
Tutorial 6 Story Writing 1 13:32
Tutorial 7 Character Creation 1
-Main Character and The Purpose
Tutorial 8 Character Creation 2
-Minor Character
Task 2
Tutorial 9 Application: World Building 7:21
Tutorial 10 Story Writing 2
Task 3
Tutorial 11 Storyboarding 1 -Basis of Page Allocation 8:08
Tutorial 12 Storyboarding 2 -Drawing a Name
Task 4
Tutorial 13 Manuscript 1 -Pencil Outline 10:08
Tutorial 14 Manuscript 2 -Inking Process 10:38
Tutorial 15 Manuscript 3 -Finishing Touches & Corrections
Task 5

*Please choose one task from "Manga / Tutorial 15" or "Manga Drawing Tips / Tutorial 13" to send as your 5th (final) assignment.

Baskc Drawing Tips 13 lessons 1 task

Aim: Make a 2-page manuscript involving characters and backgrounds

Learn how to express yourself through manga with linework and screen tone.

Basic Drawing Tips 13 videos 1 task
Tutorial 1 Straight Ruler Lines 12:34
Tutorial 2 Curved Ruler Lines 10:55
Tutorial 3 Character Lines 7:57
Tutorial 4 Screentone 18:57
Tutorial 5 Borders, Filling, White-out and Brush pens 15:56
Tutorial 6 People and Motion Lines 11:10
Tutorial 7 Natural Objects, Near and Far 16:18
Tutorial 8 Man-made Objects, Near and Far 7:44
Tutorial 9 Drawing Preparation 16:17
Tutorial 10 Humans 19:16
Tutorial 11 3D Shapes and Shadows 18:05
Tutorial 12 Perspective 20:02
Tutorial 13 Completed Manuscript
Task 5
Digital Manga 11 lessons

Aim: Draw using illustration software

This method is essential in this era of smart devices. You will also learn the basics of how to make vertical-scrolling manga.

Digital Manga 12 videos
Getting Started Course Introduction 5:29
Tutorial 1 Software Features & Basic Tools 18:09
Tutorial 2 Sketching, Panels & Figure Tools 19:17
Tutorial 3 Inking, Backgrounds & Perspective Tools 7:34
Tutorial 4 Composition, Effect Lines & Ruler Tools 13:20
Tutorial 5 Fill, White-out & Screen Tone 7:33
Tutorial 6 Inserting Dialogue & Exporting 7:05
Tutorial 7 Course Introduction
(Vertical Scrolling Manga)
Tutorial 8 Understanding Vertical Scrolling Manga
(Vertical Scrolling Manga)
Tutorial 9 Storyboard Creation
(Vertical Scrolling Manga)
Tutorial 10 Drawing Pointers
(Vertical Scrolling Manga)
Tutorial 11 Conclusion
(Vertical Scrolling Manga)
6 reference videos Reference 1: How to use digital tools

Learn how to use the illustration software “CLIP STUDIO PAINT.”

Reference 1: How to use digital tools 6 videos
Reference 1 Let's get ready 19:55
Reference 2 Let's create an illustration 42:34
Reference 3 Let's create a manga 1/2 28:36
Reference 4 Let's create a manga 2/2 1:00:33
Reference 5 Creating a monochrome manga for print 6:55
Reference 6 CLIP STUDIO PAINT useful features 37:27
6 reference videos Reference 2: How to use analog tools

Learn how to use analog tools to make hand-drawn manga.

Reference 2: How to use analog tools 6 videos
Reference 1 Tools Name & Purpose of Use 11:58
Reference 2 Manuscript Paper 4:52
Reference 3 Using Tracing Paper 6:52
Reference 4 Making a Double-Page Spread 4:24
Reference 5 Desk Layout 3:42
Reference 6 Using an Inking Pen 7:54

Sample video

In collaboration with

Japan Animation & Manga College (JAM)
JAM 日本アニメマンガ専門学校

We’ve been working in collaboration with and under the supervision of JAM, a professional applied specialist college approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan.
Many graduates go on to become professional manga artists and receive serializations of their works.

  • Thorough guidance from the basics to how to promote your work.
  • It has the latest equipment and a library with over 30,000 manga-related books.
  • Through professional collaborations and connections with professionals, many students debut while in school.
Gallery Both current students and graduates of JAM are making their debuts!


Drawing manga is even more fun than reading it. Sometimes it’s tough, but that's what makes it so enjoyable. I hope you can feel for yourself just how fun drawing manga is. All manga starts with doodling.
Let’s get rid of all formalities and draw together in a casual way. You can express yourself freely with manga. There are also things you can only express through manga.I hope you have fun studying! Don’t settle for just reading manga, try drawing it yourself! Starting to draw is the first and most important step!
マンガ「ねこたろう」タイトルThe Story of a Good Boy Nekotaro

Nekotaro, the protagonist

These cats transform into people

Nekotaro’s three friends

Watch as they invade Onigashima!

How to start

Follow these three simple steps to enroll.
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Illustration software (CLIP STUDIO PAINT)

This is used in the Digital Manga course.

Manga drawing tools set

This set includes pens, paper, and rulers.
It’s not necessary to purchase this, but it will help your studies!
Perfect for those who like to draw by hand.

Completion Requirements

  • Watch all lessons (reference videos not required)
  • Submit 5 assignments and get results within the standard study period

If you fulfil these two requirements, you will receive a certificate of completion at My Course.


Q Can I quit part way through?
A Yes, if you are paying monthly, you can stop at any time. To do so, go to your “My Course” page and select “Cancel subscription.” You will still be able to watch all the lessons sent to you so far.
Q I can’t afford such high tuition fees. Do you have any better value courses?
A How about taking one of our pay monthly courses? Our Light (5-month plan) is just $49.9/month.
Q Is my smartphone or computer compatible?
A Smartphone system requirements are the latest iOS for iPhone/iPad, and ver 4.3 and later for Android. For computers, Windows7 or Mac OS X 10.6 are the minimum requirements. For more information, please click here.
Q Could I see some feedback examples?
A Please look at the above feedback samples. These are for the “Create a Storyboard” assignment, in which you need to arrange a double spread (changing the number of panels, drawing in original characters, etc).

This example was well drawn, but the feedback isn’t just simple praise. It explains the good points, what was done well,
and advice on how to improve the quality next time.

We hope that through this, you will be happy you chose us.
Q What are the advantages of paying monthly?
A Paying monthly means that you can keep costs down. It also means that you can cancel your subscription at any time. You can still access the lessons you’ve received so far, and if you decide to start again, you can even pick up where you left off at no extra cost.
Q I’m currently taking the Light course, but now I want feedback. Is there any way to do so?
A Only those enrolled in the bundle plan can pay separately for feedback. For more details, please visit our inquiry page.
Q If the standard study period ends, will I no longer be able to take classes?
A Don’t worry, you can still take classes. Even if the standard study period ends, every time you log in, the course availability is automatically extended by 90 days. If you’ve got a busy lifestyle, or you want to revise and review past lessons, you can continue to use the service.

*Please visit this page if you have any inquiries, concerns, or difficulties.

Let’s work hard and complete the course!

Please do your best.