Manga Drawing
Comprehensive Standard

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Manga Drawing / Comprehensive Standard Full-Scale Course that Teaches You to Draw Japanese Manga and Lets You Receive Feedback from Professional Japanese Lectors
[Supervised by Japan Animation & Manga College (JAM)]
VIDEO : 48 lessons
TOTAL : 8h16m
FEEDBACK : 5 times
Feedbacks from Professional Lectors
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This English course is ...

  • All videos with English-subtitled.
  • All attachments in English.
  • All descriptions of whiteboard in English.
  • You can submit your tasks in English.
  • You can receive feedbacks from the lectors in English.

This course has 5 feedbacks from the pros.
" Comprehensive Light " course has No feedback.
* The difference from " Comprehensive Standard " course is whether there are lector's feedbacks (5times) or not. (The lesson videos and attachments are all the same.)

You can check the videos and attachments in "FREE TRIAL" course.
So feel free to take it!


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Full-Scale Course to Learn How to Draw Japanese Manga (Comic, Cartoon) for Both Beginners and Semi-Professional Artists

Even if you could draw pictures, it is not that you could also draw Manga.
Drawing Manga is different from drawing pictures.
Manga is to express your stories by pictures using panel layout.

This course has a curriculum that the beginners could complete story manga from 1st panel to the last panel even if they have never completed it once.
This is a full-scale "Manga Drawing" course that we mainly explained how to draw panel layout, make a story into a manga, etc.

It might be difficult for you to make a short manga story because almost manga creations we read are "long" stories.
Although you would like to draw the particular scenes, you are sometimes fed up with drawing it while you are thinking previous and next story...
Although your story is completed, you have troubles drawing the "panel layout"...
You will be able to resolve these troubles by taking this course.

In addition, we explain how to draw the basic pictures and use drawing tools in "Basic Drawing Tips", and how to use basic digital manga tools in "Digital Manga".
Hence, "Manga Drawing / Comprehensive Course" is full-scale course to learn basic manga drawing in a general way.

Feature 1: Authentic curriculum that it is supervised by professional manga college in Japan!!
This is an authentic curriculum of Japan Animation & Manga College (JAM), which is one of the best manga college in Japan and has cultivated over 100 professional manga artists since 2000.
There are lots of know-hows and tips which can not be obtained by only reading textbooks!
It is highly easy to understand because these lectors are very popular. You could learn steadily and efficiently how to draw manga.
Let's obtain Japanese manga drawing skills!
Feature 2: Feedbacks from the pros! So, you can steadily obtain the basic ability of drawing manga!!
You can not only take the lessons by watchng the videos, but also submit 5 tasks in total. You can get the feedbacks and advices from the professional lectors online.
You could steadily improve your skills of drawing manga not only by watching the lessons, but also drawing actually and obtaining the feedbacks from the pros.
Feature 3: No Additional Fees! Available Forever with Only Course Fee!!
Even if it has passed the final date, that date will be automatically extended for 90 days from the last log-in date for free because this course is a "Free Course Extension ". Hence, you can learn your lessons virtually indefinitely only if you log-in our site regularly. The busy persons can learn at ease. Please use your course to review lessons and use community after the course completion!

This course will be highly helpful for people from beginners to "Manga" artists by yourselves to improve your Manga basic skills and resolve your problems.

The goal of each lesson is below.

Manga Basic

Learn about panel layouts, character creation, etc and create a 16-page manga manuscript.

Basic Drawing Tips

Learn the basic drawing skills and about manga's unique tools and expressions to create a two-page manga manuscript with both characters and backgrounds.

Digital Manga

Learn the difference between digital and traditional drawing, and use the basic digital software techniques to draw a manga manuscript and export it.


Introduction of the tools and equipment that are used when drawing manga, and basic usage of them
Notes: These lessons are for members who draw manga by hand. If you draw by digital tool, you can skip these lessons.

* Please check Special web-page of "Manga Drawing / Comprehensive" course



  • Persons who would like to draw manga, but do not know how to do it
  • Persons who have already drawn manga, but would like to learn from professional lectors
  • Persons who learn manga drawing at their own pace
  • Persons who learn manga drawing with working and/or studying another schools
  • Persons who would like to learn seriously, but there is not the manga school or something near their home.
  • Persons who would like to learn in earnest, but give up it because of high tuition fees.
  • Persons who aim for a professional manga artist including assistant and designer. (*)

* The main goal of this course is not to cultivate professional manga artists, but to draw manga as soon as possible.


  • Manga drawing tools (some inking pens, pencils, papers, rulers, etc) *1


  • Graphic Software "CLIP STUDIO" *2

Although you do not necessarily correct drawing tools, we recommend them because they enhance your learning effects.
Our lessons of "Digital Manga" are given lectures by using "CLIP STUDIO (CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX: with free trial)" made by CELSYS Inc.
Although you can use the other drawing soft wares, you can sometimes hardly operate the same operations.


* The lessons displayed in red letters is "FREE TRIAL" course.
Foreword Before Starting Course 02m51s
Manga Basic VIDEO : 16  Task / 5 times
Getting Started Course Instruction 07m05s
Tutorial 1 Manga Page Analysis 11m10s
Tutorial 2 Roles and Types of Panels 10m19s
Tutorial 3 Panel Layout Practice 1 08m52s
Tutorial 4 Panel Layout Practice 2 Task 1 05m16s
Tutorial 5 Panel Layout Summary 09m16s
Tutorial 6 Story Writing 1 13m32s
Tutorial 7 Character Creation 1 -Main Character and The Purpose 16m09s
Tutorial 8 Character Creation 2 -Minor Character Task 2 07m41s
Tutorial 9 Application: World Building 07m21s
Tutorial 10 Story Writing 2 Task 3 08m58s
Tutorial 11 Storyboarding 1 -Basis of Page allocation 08m08s
Tutorial 12 Storyboarding 2 -Drawing a Name Task 4 06m21s
Tutorial 13 Manuscript 1 -Pencil Outline 10m08s
Tutorial 14 Manuscript 2 -Inking Process 10m38s
Tutorial 15 Manuscript 3 -Finishing Touches & Corrections Task 5 10m52s
Basic Drawing Tips VIDEO : 13   Task / 1 time
Tutorial 1 Straight Ruler Lines 12m34s
Tutorial 2 Curved Ruler Lines 10m55s
Tutorial 3 Character Lines 07m57s
Tutorial 4 Screentone 18m57s
Tutorial 5 Borders, Filling, White-out and Brush pens 15m56s
Tutorial 6 People and Motion Lines 11m10s
Tutorial 7 Natural Objects, Near and Far 16m18s
Tutorial 8 Man-made Objects, Near and Far 07m44s
Tutorial 9 Drawing Preparation 16m17s
Tutorial 10 Humans 19m16s
Tutorial 11 3D Shapes and Shadows 18m05s
Tutorial 12 Perspective 20m02s
Tutorial 13 Completed Manuscript Task 5 11m53s
Digital Manga VIDEO : 12
Getting Started Course Introduction 05m29s
Tutorial 1 Software Features and Basic Tools 18m09s
Tutorial 2 Sketching, Panels and Figure Tools 19m17s
Tutorial 3 Inking, Backgrounds and Perspective Ruler 07m34s
Tutorial 4 Composition, Effect Lines and Ruler Tool 13m20s
Tutorial 5 Fill, White-out and Screen Tone 07m33s
Tutorial 6 Inserting Dialogue and Exporting 07m05s
Tutorial 7 Course Introduction (Vertical Scrolling Manga) 02m01s
Tutorial 8 Understanding Vertical Scrolling Manga (Vertical Scrolling Manga) 11m06s
Tutorial 9 Storyboard Creation (Vertical Scrolling Manga) 08m32s
Tutorial 10 Drawing Pointers (Vertical Scrolling Manga) 12m37s
Tutorial 11 Conclusion (Vertical Scrolling Manga) 02m33s
Reference VIDEO : 6
Reference 1 Tools and Terms: Tools Name & Purpose of Use 11m58s
Reference 2 Tools and Terms: Manuscript Paper 04m52s
Reference 3 Tools and Terms: Using Tracing Paper 06m52s
Reference 4 Tools and Terms: Making a Double-Page Spread 04m24s
Reference 5 Tools and Terms: Desk Layout 03m42s
Reference 6 Tools and Terms: Using an Inking Pen 07m54s

*Please submit whichever the task of "Manga / Tutorial 15" or "Manga Drawing Tips / Tutorial 13" at the 5th task.
*This course is daringly excluded the lessons about coloring, because it is focused on to obtain steady "Manga techniques" = "Expression Ability to Draw Stories"




12 months

* This course is covered with "Free Course Extension System ".


  • Watch all the lessons
  • Submit and receive 5 tasks within the course term.

* If you fulfill the above conditions, we will issue the certificate (a sample image)at "My Course ".


Japan Animation & Manga College (JAM) is...

Applied Professional Postsecondary Course approved by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
One of the biggest Manga College in Japan, high debut rate of professional manga artists (over 100!)

  • Teaching the beginners from basic to professional
  • Latest facility and 30,000 books of Manga library
  • Lots of students debut while in school
  • Fruitful curriculum to become professional manga artists
Continuously Debut from JAM!
高橋 由美 / Yumi Takahashi
Supervisor of "Manga Drawing / Comprehensive" course

  • GM of Manga & Animation Business Promotion Department of JAM (Present)
  • Former Vice Principal of Japan Animation & Manga College (JAM)
  • Kei Natsumi-sensei and Naoki Kodama-sensei are her former students.
  • And Mia Katagiri-sensei who is a professional manga artist and appears "Advanced Course" is also it.

Although reading manga is lots of fun, drawing manga is more and more pleasant.
Of course, there are tough times, but that's what's fun about it.
I hope you could feel the fun of drawing manga.


児玉 直樹 / Naoki Kodama
Proffesional Manga Artist (P.N はかせ(hakase)) The lector of Manga Creator Course, Japan Animation & Manga College (JAM)

  • After being employed at a certain supermarket, debuted with a robot manga (he works hard).
  • Skilled in many different styles of drawing and knowledgeable about their differences.

Manga is an extension of doodling.
Everything starts from that.
Let's draw together casually!


伊藤 寛志 / Hiroshi Ito
The lector of Japan Animation & Manga College (JAM)

  • Alumnus of Japan Animation & Manga College (JAM), Manga Creation Department.
  • After working as an assistant to multiple manga artists, he now works as a manga artist himself.
  • An expert in background perspective, loves motorbikes.

You can express yourself freely with manga.
There are also things you can only express with manga.
I hope you have fun studying!


Introduction of the sample manga author "Nekotaro"

夏海 ケイ / Kei Natsumi
Professional Manga Artist

  • Graduated from Japan Animation & Manga College (JAM)
  • Mainly draw the manga of "Dragon Quest"
  • Challenge the story manga after that
  • Debut Work 「I'm あ 総理 (I'm a sori)」 (The 3rd Manga Grand Prize of SQUARE ENIX: Semi-Grand Prize and Special Recognition Award by Hiroshi Arakawa)


Representative Works
  • 王様の耳はオコノミミ (Osama no Mimi wa Okonomimi) (total 9 volumes) / SQUARE ENIX
  • うみねこのなく頃に (Umineko no Naku Koro ni) episode1 - Legend of the golden witch (Drawing) (total 4 volumes) / SQUARE ENIX
  • うみねこのなく頃に (Umineko no Naku Koro ni) episode3 - Banquet of the golden witch (Drawing) (total 5 volumes) / SQUARE ENIX
  • うみねこのなく頃に散 (Umineko no Naku Koro ni san) episode8 - Twilight of the golden witch (Drawing) (total 9 volumes) / SQUARE ENIX

Let's draw by yourselves, not only satisfy to watch!
Start drawing is highly important 1st step of manga!