"a new learning experience"
for people
all over the world
with a passion for learning



An online (e-learning) school where people can study from anywhere in the world.
MANABI JOURNEY is a Japanese online (e-learning) school where people can study from anywhere in the world.
With our online courses, people can study from the commodity of their homes. You can start the course at any time, anywhere and at your own pace.

Like us, there are other e-learning sites, but we don't offer only a “series of tutorial videos”, but instead focus on an educational service. With us, you can learn all the required skills to grow steadily with people who want to study.

MANABI JOURNEY wants to encourage people from around the world to enjoy studying.





Smart, Simple and Efficient Learning.
We believe that lessons that are “Smart, Simple and Efficient” are highly important points of productive study.
Any time, Anywhere, At Your Own Pace
You can always access our courses no matter where you are because they are also available on any smart device. Study at your own pace without worrying about place or time. That’s the advantage of studying online with MANABI JOURNEY.
Learn From Professionals and Improve Steadily
We provide educational services that let you learn directly from professionals and improve steadily. There are options to receive professional reviews and feedback from tutors after lessons. You’re guaranteed to notice a steady improvement as you advance in our course. Our courses are designed for people who want to improve themselves.
Try our Free Lessons
All of our courses include free lessons. Signing up is very simple, we only need your email address. It takes less than a minute!
Again and Again
If you want to review a previous lesson or take another look at some technique you can always do that. You can watch our videos as many times as you want. Move on to the next lesson when you feel you’re ready.
Simple to Use
Simple is best! Our system is simple and doesn’t have any unnecessary functions, allowing you to focus on studying.


Brand Name, Logo and Tag line …

MANABI JOURNEY JOURNEY of Learning Lifelong Learning New Learning Experiences through Lifelong Learning
We want to express life with the word JOURNEY, seeing as “life is a long journey”.
Through taking on difficult challenges you will learn many things.
Even when you don’t succeed, the experience will help you prepare for future endeavours.
Repeating this process is what helps you grow.
“Life is a long journey” but also “Learning is a long journey”.

To continue challenging yourself
To experience personal growth
To move forward persistently

The brand name of MANABI JOURNEY wishes to portray this message.


About Logo

The compass represents humanity’s will to aim for a destination and to learn from their experiences.

The compass needle points upper right showing that you’ll be steadily improving.
The shape of “M” at the bottom of the needle stands for MANABI, the japanese term for learning.
The arc of the circle represents the “J” of JOURNEY.
The brand color is blue which promotes concentration.
The beautiful contrast between sky blue and marine blue is associated with nature, travel, briskness and expectation at the beginning of a long journey; a lifetime of learning.


About Tag line

" new learning experience "

MANABI JOURNEY expresses our passion through the tagline “new learning experience”.
We provide people from all over the world with “smart, simple and efficient” ways to learn, and hope for MANABI JOURNEY members to experience studying in a new way through our courses.


Our Passion about Education


For over 30 years, we have been providing individuals, educational institutes and companies with various educational materials like textbooks, workbooks, e-learning and more since 1983.
Thanks to the feedback from our customers, our current courses are based on the concepts of

“Our students learn the most effective techniques with the least amount of effort.” and
“The experience becomes knowledge that they can apply to their own techniques after finishing the courses.”

MANABI JOURNEY has inherited this ideology.

Please try our new learning experience.
It will make you “learn properly and improve steadily”.